Unique Gift Basket Ideas

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Make Someone's Day with "Spot-On" Gift Basket Ideas Anyone Can Put Together!

The aim of this gift basket ideas website is to solve your never ending
“what can I get them?” dilemma once
and for all.

True, when thinking of “Gift Baskets” we usually imagine a wicker basket with fruit/ drinks/ chocolates or all of them combined together. Tasty yet impersonal…

However, with a little “creative thinking” gift baskets can become
unique tailor-made presents that have this “specially made just for you” feeling, while staying on budget.

What’s the trick?…….

….The trick is all about the theme and the ingredients.

How exactly does it work? Here is an example:

Let’s say your brother’s birthday is coming up and you are looking for just the right gift for him: something special, unique and practical yet affordable.

So you put on your walking shoes (you have a feeling you’ll need them) and charge the mall in quest of a perfect gift, only to find yourself two hours later with sore feet (how about those shoes?..) and a broken spirit buying yet another gift voucher/ book/ tie.
Yes, Once again you have run out of time and energy before finding that illusive perfect gift.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save your precious time and energy, by simply choosing a gift idea from a list of unique gift themes (“hmmm….he does like to spend hours in the rest room…the “Toilet Thinker” gift basket idea is just right for him!”), get the listed ingredients (much easier when you know what you are looking for) and put together your own custom made gift basket?

Of course it would!

So put these gift basket ideas into action! Here is how:

  • Click on any category :
  • Browse through the themed gift ideas.
  • Pick the theme that feels right for you (or better yet, for your recipient…).
  • Check out the ingredient list for items that can make up a unique gift basket and get the ones you’ll include in yours (you might even find some items at home).
  • Using these easy instructions put together your own homemade unique gift basket with a twist!

Apart from the themed gift basket ideas, you can also find information and tips on gift basket supplies and containersfree printable gift add-ons and much more.

Enjoy and happy gifting!