Cool Gift Basket Ideas for People Who Are Always Hot!

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cool gift baskets for hot peopleThese cool gift basket ideas are aimed at people who complain about the heat at temperatures that make you wear a second layer. Below is a list of items to cool your recipient from head to toe regardless of the weather.

I must admit that being an “always cold” kind of person this gift basket idea was a bit of an unknown territory for me. But thanks to this site’s Facebook friends and my dear husband who is always hot (both inside and out…) I discovered there are some really cool products out there to cool off our lives in every possible way.

Take a look at the below list for inspiration. It starts with the obvious and continues with some pretty cool ideas for anyone suffering from hot weather, menopause side affects, excessive internal body heat or just likes to feel cool temperature wise.

Cooling gift items for hot people

Gift basket container ideas


personal cooler


Gift basket ingredients

  • Air-con control coupon: a 100% free cool gift basket idea (only for the brave). If you live under the same roof as your recipient and you are up for it, print out this coupon giving your recipient control over the air-conditioner remote and hand it to him/her wrapped nicely along with the remote. If you think you might freeze to death as a result, carry on to the next gift ideas.
  • Hand fan
  • Popsicle molds
  • Mint flavor chewing gum: the stronger the better -If you can’t make them colder,  you can give them the illusion of it.
  • Cooling lip balm: lip balms containing ingredients that give a cooling minty sensation to the lips.
  • Wipes: always come in handy for a quick refresher on the go. There are some special cooling wipes available too, specifically providing a cooling affect.
  • Cooling insoles: special insoles to place inside shoes for better feet ventilation. They usually also protect against unpleasant odors and some are filled with liquid gel to cool feet in hot conditions.
  • Insulated cold drink cup: a.k.a double wall cup to keep cold drinks cold for an extended period of time.
  • Deodorant: true – it won’t help your recipient feel cooler, but it can keep him/her more refreshed.
  • Anything mint: Since mint has a very distinctive cooling effect why not add minty stuff such as a mint herb pot, mint chocolate, mint chewing gum, mint flavored Tictacs,  mint body lotion, shampoo or soap etc….you get the idea.
  • Car windscreen sun shade: if your recipient owns a car, this is a must-have item to keep car cooler during sunny days when parked outside without any shade in sight.
  • Flipflops: Venting starts from the tips of your body. Flipflops will take care of the bottom part.
  • Hat: a hat will take care of the top part. Especially if it has a built in solar fan (see fan section below).
  • “Breathing” socks: socks made of special fibers allowing better ventilation and moisture control.
  • Facial water spray: yes, this product actually exists…sounds very refreshing too, although I could do with a bottle of water :-).
  • Cooling towel: a towel that keeps you cool when moistened. Available in various sizes. If you go for a large enough towel it can double function as a gift basket container.
  • Ice cube trays: in all shapes and form. I especially love the funny ones shaped as animals, fruit, body parts etc.

Electrical fans department

We all know and love the good old traditional fans but you will not believe how many other variants are out there! I used Amazon search boxes to easily demonstrate the variety.
  • Hand held personal fans
  • Fans with water spray
  • USB mini fans to connect to the computer while working
  • Clip-on fans to hang anywhere you want
  • Solar hat fans
  • and the most original of them all…. under the blanket bed fan!

Other cool gift basket ideas

  • USB beverage coolers
  • Facial gel masks
  • Cooling pillows
  • Cooling car seats

And last, the ultimate and coolest of all cool gift basket ideas if we leave out a full size air conditioner….Slush or ice-cream maker!


Hope you’ve found enough inspiration for your cooling gift basket!

Let me know how it went in the comments below and send me some pictures of your gift basket!