Themed Gift Baskets by Hobby

Themed Gift baskets by Hobby can suite practically anyone.

Why? Because most of us either already have a hobby, have our eyes set up on a hobby or wish we had the time for one.

Click on any of the below gift basket ideas to find the right gift theme for your recipient, or click here for tips on how to find out what is your recipient’s hobby.

Gift Baskets by Hobby

How to find the perfect themed gift basket for your recipient's hobby?

If you don’t know what your recipient’s hobby is here are some simple ways to find out:

  • Snoop around a bit: ask family members, friends, colleagues. They are usually a good source of information.
  • Recall a recent conversation, or initiate a new one and pay attention to the topics that come up. Ask them what they were up to lately or what they did this weekend. Maybe they went to the beach and they just loved it.. voila! - one beach gift basket coming right up! Or maybe their kids are driving them nuts and they want to find a quiet moment to relax with...a good book (- ahha! a book gift basket), or a movie (someone said movie theme gift basket?).
  • Take a peek at their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other virtual communities entries. See if any areas of interest pop out.

If you still don’t come up with anything, or if you have stumbled upon a totally “hobby-less” person, it’s never too late to get them started on a new hobby.

Pick a hobby that “feels right” and put together a gift basket to surprise them with. Who knows, you might even contribute to the evolving of the next Picasso…