Gift Ideas for Her - a Nail Care Gift Basket for Any Woman Who Appreciates Well-Groomed Nails

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nail care gift basketIf you are in search of gift ideas for her, you can hardly ever go wrong with a nail care gift basket. It’s an excellent gift idea for mom, grandma, wife, girlfriend or any girl aged 10 and up (my daughters would argue it starts at 4…). A nail care gift basket also makes a perfect mothers day gift basket.


Because most women just love applying a fresh coat of nail polish onto their toe or finger nails – It looks great! it feels great! it literally brightens up their day! (some women even find it to be a relaxing form of “occupational therapy”).

Get some or all of the below items and put together a nail care gift basket for her to enjoy!

container ideas


travel case

cosmetics bag

small bowl


  • Liquid soap – to mix with warm water in a bowl and soak fingers in as a first step to a manicure.
  • Small Bowl – to soak fingers in once water and soap are in.
  • Hand towel – to dry hands after soaking them.
  • Nail polish remover – to remove old nail polish before applying a new one.
  • Cotton balls – to remove old nail polish.
  • Nail scissors / clipper – to trim nails.
  • Cuticle kit – for handling cuticles.
  • Orangewood sticks – to clean under nails and push cuticles back.
  • Emery board – to smoothen nail surface before applying nail polish.
  • Nail file – to shape nails before applying nail polish.
  • Nail clear base coat – some apply a clear base coat before applying the colored nail polish.
  • Nail polish – the most important item in a nail care gift basket (it can even be the only ingredient if you include a variety of nail polish bottles in your basket). There’s a very wide range to choose from. Pick a few colors depending on your budget and your recipient. Don’t be afraid to go wild on the color palette!
  • Nail polish holder – a truly useful gift idea for her if she applies her own nail polish. This device holds nail polish bottle in an angle, freeing up hands and helps avoiding spills.
  • Nail art (stickers, diamonds etc) – there are so many inexpensive beads, stickers, glitters, decals and other decorations to choose from. Go for it!
  • Nail polish corrector pen – to correct any smearing while applying nail polish.
  • Top Coat Nail Polish – can be applied on top of colored nail polish to seal and protect the colored polish.
  • Healthy Nail lotion – yes, there are lotions specifically for nails…
  • Toes separator – these foam separators or “spacers” are useful when applying toenail polish in case your recipient is into pedicures.
  • Nail salon gift voucher – a pampering gift idea for her! It’s nice to get a professional manicure every now and then.
  • Homemade manicure / pedicure gift voucher – looking for a unique and inexpensive gift idea for her and know how to apply nail polish? How about inviting her for a manicure / pedicure done by you? simply print out one of the coupons, fill in the details and put it in your gift basket!

Want to splurge some more? how about a

Nail polish dryer -if your recipient is a self manicure addict this is an extremely practical gift idea for her. A nail dryer quickly dries up nail polish, eliminating the need to wait for up to an hour until all fingernails are dry.

Don’t have time?

Check out some nail care kits from Amazon: