Light Sleeper Gift Basket - Creative Gift Ideas for People Who Have Trouble Sleeping

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Some people doze off as soon as their head hits the pillow, while others toss and turn around for hours until they finally fall asleep.

lights sleeper gift basketThe below creative gift ideas will help your insomnious recipient fall asleep quickly and sleep well all night long (I almost wrote “sleep like a baby” but who wants to wake up every couple of hours?…).

Get some or all of the below gift items and put together a cool “sleepy” gift basket!

Light sleeper gift basket ingredients

Container: Basket

  • Sleeping eye mask – to block away the light.
  • Ear plugs – to block away the noise.
  • White noise CD – one of the most helpful aids for light sleepers. It is a monotonous static noise just like the one coming out of an un-tuned radio. This noise “covers over” other sounds that might keep your recipient awake (dog barks, sirens, loud neighbors and other startling noises). Download white noise such as this one  and burn it onto a CD as many times as CD space allows. Your recipient will be able to play it in a loop for an undisturbed full night sleep.
  • Nature sounds CD – for people who like the idea of monotonous noise in the background but white noise drives them nuts. Buy a CD or download a sound track of rain drops, wind, sea waves and other nature sounds. Burn it onto a CD as many times as CD space allows for your recipient to play in a loop over night.
  • Soothing music – some people prefer actual music to fall a sleep with. Include a copy of calm music CD (there are quite a few to choose from. See “classical music for sleep” for example). Or for a more creative gift idea, prepare a custom relaxing collection of your own.
  • Lavender Essential oil – the fragrance of lavender has a soothing and sleep inducing affect. A couple of drops of this essential oil on bed sheet or on a tissue placed under the pillow will be more than enough.
  • Bath products – it’s no secret that a relaxing warm bath inspires sleep. So add to your “light sleeper” gift basket bubble bath, bath bombs, salts, oils and other pampering bath treats.
  • Book – a book can bring on sleep much faster than TV (TV sometimes does the opposite). So add a light reading book to your gift basket. Nothing to scary or thrilling though…
  • Meditation book/ CD / DVD – meditation techniques do wonders for light sleepers as they reduce stress level and lead to a complete body relaxation – a step away from sleeping. A CD or DVD are great because your recipient can play the instructions, follow them and slowly doze off …
  • “Worry Notepad” + pen – this one is a creative gift idea for people who can’t fall asleep because their head is too busy worrying about a million different things. Include a notepad and pen in your gift basket, instruct the recipient to write down everything that’s on his/her mind in the notepad before going to bed, and then to put both notepad and worries aside for the rest of the night.
  • “Rescue Night” remedy – safe, natural, non-narcotic drops/ spray based on Bach remedies (made of diluted plants extracts) to help switch off the mind from unwanted, repetitive thoughts and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • “Sleeping Session” Door sign – a door sign that warns noise makers to keep quiet while your recipient is trying to sleep.
  • Bananas– if you give this gift basket the same date you prepare it how about this creative gift idea? Include a Banana in your gift basket along with instructions to consume it with a warm glass of milk before going to bed. The two combined have a sleep inducing affect. (why? Something to do with Melatonin and Serotonin levels. google it for more info).
  • Camomile tea bags – camomile tea helps sleep better as it relaxes the body.
  • Small fan – remember the white noise CD suggestion above? here’s a creative gift idea to replace it in case your recipient can’t play CDs in the bedroom. A ventilator achieves the same kind of white noise. Better if used in warmer climates of course.
  • Boring movie – if everything else fails a boring movie usually does the trick. Since the definition of “boring” changes with the recipient I will leave it to you to decide what would make your recipient’s eye leads drop.
  • Sheep counting page – print out this sheep counting page and include it in your gift basket. Your recipient can bore him/herself to sleep trying to count all the sheep on this page.

Want to splurge some more?

How about a Nature sound alarm clock? an alarm clock with sound therapy system including various pre-recorded nature sounds. Will enable your recipient to wake up and fall asleep naturally.