Shopaholic Gift Basket Idea

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This Shopaholic gift basket idea is dedicated to all those who
LOVE to shop!

Shopaholic Gift BasketNot many people are aware of it, but shopping is actually an under-estimated form of sports:

  • It gets your adrenaline going (did I just see a 50% off sale there?)
  • it requires speed and coordination (30 minutes lunch break and 8 shops to visit…)
  • complex motoric skills (carrying shopping bags in one hand while checking out merchandise with the other)
  • strategic planning (what’s the best way to go through the entire mall without missing any shop or sale?).

Do you see the fitness potential already? that’s why the term “shop till you drop” was invented (I was tempted to post this gift idea on the sports section, but then I thought that would be getting a bit carried away…).

If your recipient is an avid shopper, there is no way you can miss with this unique gift idea!

Simply pick one, some or all of the gift ideas below and put together a shopaholic’s survival kit.

Shopaholic Gift Basket ingredient list

container ideas


foldable tote bag


  • Foldable tote bag – an Ideal shopaholic gift idea for spontaneous shopping. Solves the “so many shopping bags and only one free hand” problem. It folds into a small pouch that fits in any bag and is eco-friendly too: a reusable replacement for plastic bags (I always carry one in my bag, it saved me on several shopping spree occasions).
  • Water bottle – like in any other form of sports, hydrating is important when conducting extensive shopping.
  • Energy bars – to keep going in case energy runs out.
  • Chocolate bars – my favorite alternative to the healthier option above.
  • Chewing gum – helps relieve tension caused by adrenaline rush and always good to have around.
  • Pocket mirror – for appearance touch ups – you never know who you might bump into while shopping! Throw in a comb or hairbrush too if you want.
  • A pair of (nylon) socks – who knows when your recipient might find the perfect pair of shoes to try on.
  • Measuring tape – no, this is not a mistake. It’s an essential shopping item. Used to measure home furnishing bargains your recipient might stumble upon unexpectedly to make sure they fit. I always carry with me the Ikea free paper measuring tape – it doesn’t take any space and it’s very light.
  • Foldable flat shoes – high heels can really take the fun out of a spontaneous shopping spree. These cute ballerina shoes can solve this problem. They take hardly any space and can be pulled out for such emergencies. Flip flops can also do the trick.
  • Change (for parking, tips, vending machines)
  • Makeup removal wipes – in case your recipient wants to try on new makeup and needs to remove the existing one first.
  • Disposable toilet seat covers – an inevitable part of shopping malls is the sometimes-not-so-clean restrooms. This product can ease this encounter.
  • Hand Sanitizing Gel / wipes- can be used to sterilize hands after being in contact with suspicious substances (public toilet door knob for example…)
  • Coupons – visit your recipient’s favorite shops’ web sites and print out any coupons they might offer.
  • Gift card – the ultimate shopaholic gift idea featuring the most important tool in shopping – money!
  • Foot massage / pedicure– after a long shopping day your recipient’s feet are bound to by tired and could really do with a pampering massage. You can get your recipient a gift voucher for a foot massage /pedicure at a specialized saloon. Or for an on-budget unique gift idea, give your recipient a homemade massage / pedicure yourself! Use one of these free blank gift certificates or nail care coupons to include in your gift basket.

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