Origami Egg Tutorial

How to make a 3D egg out of paper

Origami eggs are a cool inexpensive way to enhance your easter gift basket, especially if you make 3D eggs from coupons listing gifts your want to bestow upon your recipient!

Follow these easy origami egg folding instructions and make a unique easter gift basket full of promises (literally).

How to make an Easter origami egg

1. Print out the ready made coupons and cut to square according to dotted lines, or use any other square pages.


After trying a few sizes of squares I think the best outcome will be with a  4.7″*4.7″ (12cm*12cm) to 5.5″*5.5″ (14cm*14cm) squares (smaller and it will not look like an egg, larger and it will not fit in an egg storage box if you intend on using one).

2. Fold the square into half vertically to create a center fold –> open –> fold to half horizontally.


3. Keeping the horizontal fold folded with the open side facing away from you, fold a triangle from the right side to the center fold.

4. Flip over and fold another triangle to the middle fold. You should now have a shape of a large triangle.


5. Hold the triangle with opening facing up. Hold the marked center folds as shown in the picture and pull gently to create a square.

6. Lay the square with the opening away from you and fold a triangle from the bottom part all the way to the center (you can fold to half first and open to mark the center line). Then open the small triangle fold.


7. Fold a triangle from the bottom part again but this time take it to the quarter fold you created in the prvious step. Keep it folded.


8. Take the inner part of right corner of your square and fold it to touch the vertical center fold. The bottom angle of the folded triangle you just created should start at the right corner of the bottom triangle from the previous step.


9. Repeat on the left side.

Flip over and repeat on both sides. This is the shape you should end up with.


10. Take the inner part of right corner of your shape and fold it to touch the vertical center fold as show in the picture.


Repeat on the left side, then flip over and repeat on both sides. You Should end up with the below shape.


11. Open the top corner of your shape and fold it in on both sides as shown in the below picture (you can unfold the side folds temporarily so the top part is more accessible and then refold them).


12. Reach into the “armpit” of the right side fold of your shape and fold the top part inwards and downwards into a small triangle. Close the side fold back again. Repeat on the other side.


13. You are all done! Now blow into the top part of your shape and it will expand into an origami egg!


And there you have it – your homemade vegan eggs full of promises to bestow upon your loved ones!

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